Corresponding participant's information to appear

I have two survey forms: one is the "Add Participant" form, which includes fields for Name, Province, District, Municipality, Ward, Village, and Unique ID Number. The other form is the "Participant Follow-up" form, which contains fields for General Information, Max Temperature, Min Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, and Weather.

I have completed 100 "Add Participant" forms and now need to follow up with the "Participant Follow-up" form. When I enter the Unique ID Number, I want the corresponding participant's information to appear in the "Participant Follow-up" form so I can continue filling it out.

i want to do like this:

Hi @Santosh_Bastola,

The best way to accomplish that is by using Entities as you mentioned.

The tutorial is here: and more specifically in the "behind the scenes" video made by LN

Hope that helps!

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