Could not connect hostname with ODK Central

I have created Droplets using docker, pointed A record to Static IP shown, But hostname not working. done successfully installation of central, created a administrator user too, But hostname not working, whether I should add an A record my domain cpanel or i should create a CName.
I am using Central. had attached 3 screen shots showing my droplets configuration and my domain cpanel

Hi @Grzesiek2010

Can you Please help us in this .

We are trying but not getting success.

Cheers !


Your domain name has to map to your IP. According to, it does not yet do that.

Note you will need to make the DNS changes at the registrar (likely wherever you purchased the name from). If you registered the name at Digital Ocean, then contact their support team. If you did not, contact your registrar's support team.

Hi yanokwa
Do i need to add A record or custom DNS , in case of Custom DNS where should i point that DNS ?

Thanks its done Now,

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