Count data in a preloaded csv file

Hello dear members,

I've my csv file and i've preloaded data in a select_one_from_file but i want now to count options inside, that can will help me to define my count-repeat. I need your help

Hello @tsissam,

There are two ways to achieve this.

If the repeat count is to be linked to number of selected items in let's say a select_multiple, the repeat_count could easily be count-selected(${thatSelectMultipleField})

Otherwise, make a pivot (in excel) with two columns (uniqueId, countOptions) then use the pulldata('csvfile', 'countOptions', 'uniqueId', ${someFieldInYourForm}) you can then reference this filed in your repeat_count

Hoping this helps,

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Hello @jules_rugwiro thanks for your replied, it's better to do the pivot table and pulldata, the second solution it's good. It's what i did.
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