Count the number of forms completed in odk collect across forms

I have created a questionnaire that contains both a short and a long version (or paths). Now, the version that appears to the surveyor in ODK Collect depends on the number of surveys completed. For example, if I want the surveyor to access the long version at surveys number 1, 5, and 10, how can I keep track of the count and use this number across forms to activate the short or long version? Please note that this functionality should be available offline, so alternative solutions like connecting to the server dataset to retrieve the number of forms completed and importing that number into the current form for manipulation are not possible.
(I currently have a question in the questionnaire that asks the surveyor for the survey number, and I use this number to activate the short or long version. However, I want to avoid using this method).

Many thanks

Hi @A_tbs

There is no easy or even difficult but well-working solution for such a scenario. The only thing that comes to my mind is utilizing last-saved. As the docs say using it: You can refer to values from the last saved record of this form definition. So you could create something like a counter that would start from 0 and bump the number every time a new form is started and then use that number in your logic.