Count the number of yeses in a group of questions

Hello everyone,
I'm stuck because I can't count the number of yes in a series of questions.
here is my file.
number of yes.xlsx (10.5 KB)
thank !

This is not a valid XLSForm and so people on the forum will not be able to easily troubleshoot. You need a survey sheet and a choices sheet. Please see the docs at and

Note that you will need a name value for your group on line 2.

Note that the syntax on line 37 is wrong
you have:
sum(cal1) + sum(cal2) + sum(cal3)
please see sum(), it should be:
sum(${cal1}) + sum(${cal2}) + sum(${cal3})

But is there a reason you are using a repeat group and have the repeat_count set to 1?
If the respondent only answers the set of question once, you should use a regular group and not a repeat group.
Then you would not need to use the sum() but could just add like so: ${cal1} + ${cal2} + ...