Counting open ended questions that have been answered

Hello community, does anyone know how to count the number of open ended questions (text, integer) that have been answered?

Hi @Rachmat_Ramadhan
It's probably not trivial but might depend on your form. Could you provide more info and/or attach your form. Generally you could for example add a calculation for every single question which would return 0 if a question is not answered and 1 otherwise and the sum all those calculations at the end.

Thanks Grzesiek2010 I will try your suggestions

Grzesiek2010 sorry to ask again. Can you tell how the calculaton script is? where if answered is equal to 1 and if not equal to 0. Thank you very much

I meant something like this:
calcAnswers.xlsx (5.7 KB)

Thanks Grzesiek2010 very helpful