Crash - unfortunately ODK Collect has stopped

Dear ODK'ers:

I am getting the dreaded crash message "Unfortunately, ODK Collect" has
stopped and I don't see an existing thread that helps.

I'm attaching my xlsform and a log of the crash I got from Android Studio
when the phone was connected to my laptop (first time doing this, hope it
is what folks need).

I do not believe the crash is a simple error in the form and it is not
replicable at any specific place in the survey. Instead it seems to happen
at various places when playing embedded audio files.

A quick note on our application: we are doing an Experience Sampling
Method where rural Kenyan respondents hold the phones and complete four
short surveys per day when the phone buzzes. Because of low literacy
rates, every question in the survey has an mp3 of someone reading the
question in the local language. There are also a fair number of images.

The phones are Alcatel OneTouch Sleeks, bought from AirTel in Kenya,
running Android Kitkat 4.1.

The crash rarely (if ever as far as we can tell) happens when the user just
clicks through answering questions. If the audio files are only quickly
clicked and not allowed to play through, it doesn't seem to happen. It
happens most frequently (but not always) when one clicks on every single
audio file and allows to play.

I included in the text file a log of what I see when I click an audio
button to play a file but ODK does NOT crash. I included a second where
the phone seems to be displaying about the buffer. And then after that are
two separate crash incidents.

Any help would be most appreciated. We found these issues with 25 phones
in the field, and another 225 are on the way in the next two days, so
solving any problem before we send them out (and avoiding updating the form
where service is weaker). In the interim, I'm going to try to decoding the
mp3s at a lower rate; they are currently saved at 160 bits and the average
file size is around 100KB with the longer ones up to 450KB. Grand total of
all media is 8.6 MB).

One last thing that may or may not be relevant. I need to randomize the
order in which the categories are shown to respondents. I learned from an
earlier post that this isn't possible in ODK at the moment,so I did a
workaround by creating 18 random orders for each of the 18 choices, and use
a random number generator to choose which the respondent will see. This
makes the form a bit complicated to read. Although the error may have
started occurring around the same time as implemented this change, I don't
think this is the issue since, again, it rarely (if ever) crashes when only
clicking through and answering.

Also posting to ODK Developers - sorry I'm not sure which is the right one.



University of Washington

odk debug.txt (16.2 KB)

ESM_Aug20.xlsx (55.3 KB)