Crash when opening a complex form on Android 4

Dear Yaw,

The same problem i am facing. I get the blank form and open it first time it works fine.
But 2nd and more time ODK collect crashes.

please suggest a solution.

Hi @Fahad_Ghous
please provide more info:

ODK Collect version
Your device and Android version
Please attach the form you use if you can
What can you see after crashing, any message, screenshot etc.

We are using ODK collect version v1.16.1 on
Samsung tablet (galaxy Tab4 ) with
android version 4.4.0 and 5.5.0
Form is attached
S_21836_eng_v3.xlsx (48.7 KB)
S_21836_eng_v3.xml (212.2 KB)

Screen shot is also attached

We have also tested Huawei 701U (kitkat) and ASUS (Memo PAD 7 LTE) kitKAT

Did you try this form on older Collect versions? or is it a problem with the newest 1.16.1?
When does it take place? I opened the form answered some questions then saved and opened again and everything looks fine.

Dear Fahad,

I used ODK for 4 years with a team that collect 5000 form per day.

So my recommendations is turn off auto updat and follow odk community when new update is released try it on one tablet if it didn’t crush update the rest.

For now download the old APK file from odk site and download it on the tablets manually.



I used v1.14.1 and found the same crash report on samsung galaxy tab4.

My previously designed forms are working fine on new version v1.16.1 but this for is creating issue.
can you please check my form if there is any issue?

Ok do this test remove all the conditions i inside the from and try to run it .. if it didn’t crush then it’s inside the condition btw I take a look at ur XML .. honestly it’s the first time I every saw XML form in this way so there is a mistake while building the form

Note am using mobile devices so am not sure but this is what I saw

I'm trying to find your crash in reports (btw I encourage you to click Report option any time you notice a crash)
and I found one, could you confirm it's you:

Android: 4.4.2
Device: Galaxy Tab4 7.0
ODK Collect: v1.16.1
a few crashes today


Android: 4.4.2
ODK Collect: v1.15.0
One crash yesterday

I reported a crash report but i cannot confirm that above was by me.

Galaxy tab 4 report was sent by me

So I'm almost sure they were reports from your device it also matches to the description you provided.Your problem is StackOverflowError that comes from Javarosa. I'll report the issue and try to investigate it.

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Can you please check the relevance column at row 102 (q305_1)?
The problem persists in this cell.

That row looks well but the relevance is really long and causes crashes on Android 4 (using newer versions everything may work well).

I tested your form with a small change: S_21836_eng_v3.xlsx (37.3 KB)

I was able to reproduce the issue using your form and Android 4.1.2. Then I split your long relevance into three parts and it works well. So you can use it as a workaround.

I also reported an issue to gather more info whether we can fix the problem:

Thanks @Grzesiek2010.
I already removed that logic and my questionnaire is running fine.

Thanks for the efforts.

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