Creating Audio Questionnaires in ODK

I am in the process of creating a questionnaire for users who are illitrate and are not able to use smart phones. I am thinking of creating an audio questionnaire for them so that some very private questions can be answered by them as I believe they will be more honest as opposed to when I ask the sensitive questions directly on a one on one basis. Is there a functionality to create audio questionnaires so the questions and choices can just be read out to the participants, so it makes it easier for my type of clients to take part in my study? One way I have tried to achieve this is by loading audio media to play as soon as a question is loaded by the odk. The only difficulty is how to connect the questions to the answer choices, so a user can know which choice is which.
An application that I know has done a similar thing to what I am thinking is QDS, which works on windows computers

I am using odk aggregate version 1.4



Hello @aonomike

I am not sure this feature exists, I can't say for certain.
Maybe add it here >> so that if it doesn't exist you can put it on the radar of ODK Developers.


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you can add media files to questions but also to each option in single/multi select questions. Please take a look at Birds form available on our demo server.
You can also collect media answers if your users can't write.


You can see the XLSForm for the Birds form @Grzesiek2010 mentioned at Please note the choices sheet which shows how to include media files for different choices. Participants will be able to tap the audio icons next to each choice to hear the corresponding audio.


Greetings, thanks for the help
another scenario is:
questions can automatically play sound once one swipes ,
how can one make choices to also play automatically without having the interviewee tap the audio.
your help on this is welcome