Creating multiple_select from repeat group data

Hi to every one
I have repeat group
inside that I have only one text field it should be asked repeated for example fruits name

from result of that repeat group i want create multiple select
for example :if user repeat 4 times then a multi_select with 4 option should be created and if user repeat 5 times them a multi select with 5 option should be created
best repeat_data_to_options.xlsx (11.3 KB)

Hi @Mahdi_Esmatg

I think you could use calculate fields to store entered options using indexed-repeat.
And then create a choice list with those variables.
See example attached (limited to 10 options) repeat_data_to_options.xlsx (11.4 KB) .

I hope this helps!


It should be possible to filter the options by using a choice filter - something like: options<=${option_number}
but for some reason I got an error message when trying to convert it with this option.

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thank you somehow its solution but I want group option should not be limited like 10 option
either the choice-filter can work it shows that its dynamic if user select 4.5 then rest option should not appears

This probably is the only solution Generate multiple choice alternatives, based on the answers in a repeat