Creating ODK server with unique ID

I'm presently working on ODK for my upcoming summer project (improving waiting time and patient satisfaction in a hospital setting). This involves 3 sets of data - 1) time motion of the patient flow, 2) exit questionnaire on patient satisfaction and experience and 3) key staff interview deemed to be recorded. Collected data will be loaded to the cloud for verification and validation by the principal investigator.
I have been able to build my XLSX paper form and tried in Enketo. Everything seems OK. Now I need to develop a cloud server with unique ID for management of completed form and data. Is this the Cloud Endpoints?
Also need to know the command for the participant ID and name to be filled after completed forms have been loaded. This doesn't appear on the data collectors' interface
Can someone please tell me where to go from here???

I have been running this on my Lenovo laptop. I have downloaded ODK Collect v1.12.2 on HUAWEI MediaPad for data collection but having issues downloading on Windows tablet. Anyone knows a version that can go on both???
It will seem that there are more superior versions with better functionality but how compartible are these with the older versions??

I will hopefully want to play around with GPS locations, maps, pictures and voice recorders. might be a good place for you to start.

Given what you've built so far, you should try setting up ODK Aggregate to host that data. has some docs to get you started.

As to collecting participant ID and name, you can add those as questions on your form. If there is only one device per enumerator, you can also use hidden questions or metadata to capture device id. has more.

ODK Collect only runs on Android. There is no native Windows equivalent for Collect. Your best bet is to run Enketo in a web-browser.