CSV files, responses not reading properly -reposted

WEFI_Questionnaire_csv file downloaded.csv (5.2 KB) WEFI_Questionnaire_odk forum.xlsx (22.9 KB)

Hello, in the choices sheet, I defined the "type" column, "name colum", and "label column". But now the problem I have is that when I get my data from the server in csv file, the responses do not come the way I put them on the "label column" in the choices sheet, instead they come the way I put them in the "name column" see attached csv file, highlighted in yellow. But on the tablet they are just OK.....For example a question like; who is responsible for making decision in the household with the following option:

  1. Male
  2. Female
  3. Male and Female
    When I download CSV files, option 3 would come as "Male_and_Female" just like it was done in the name column. What could be the problem?
    My second question, is on maintenance of ODK server. I created my server on google app engine on the cloud. Do you think I will have problems with maintaining the server since am not paying any subscription fee? Can I do a survey involving 1000 participants (sample size) without having problems in accessing the data at the end of the survey? Thank you in advance.

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