Custom form name - implementation issue


We have 10 XLS forms that we converted to XML and used in ODK. In each of these we have defined an instance_name for indicating a custom form name. However, the form names are not being updated for some of the forms.

Adding the information from the cell under the instance_name column in setting for two of the forms:

concat('Fertiliser DBT Assessment', '-', ${date-widget})
date-widget is the name of the question and the type is date.

concat('Fertiliser Availability - ', ${today})
today is the hidden question that is asked for each form in ODK

Please let me know where the issue could be.

Thank you

Please include the versions of XLSForm and ODK Collect you are using. Please also attach the XLSForm (or even better, a one or two question version) that has the problem.

Without the above information, it's hard to help.