Data not being seen on ODK Aggregate

I have people sending in data and on their phones, in the main menu, it shows that the forms have been sent but on the aggregate server, we can only see some of the records.

Hi, @solomon! I'm sorry you're having problems with Aggregate.

Could you specify the version of Aggregate you're using and which platform is deployed on (Tomcat, Google AppEngine)?

Also, having the logs of the server could help us figure out what's happening. Could you attach them to this post?

Another possibility is that the submissions are incomplete. Incomplete submissions when you upload the submission but fail to upload all media attachments, it places the submission in the incomplete submissions bucket.

Look in Aggregate under "Form Management" and then "Submission Admin" and see if they are there.

@ggalmazor deployed on tomcat version of aggregate is v1.4.7 Production. The logs do not show any strange activity. As most of the data from the other participants is coming in well. Only a few are claiming to be sending in more data than what we are actually seeing.

@yanokwa this is so true we have run checks on this and we were able to retrieve that data but still, there are people whose records we cant see. Looks like it is not reaching the server yet on their phones in the odk main menu it shows sent.

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And what version of ODK Collect are you using? Are you able to get access to the /odk folder on the enumerator phones?

OK, @solomon.

You Aggregate is somewhat old (we're rolling 1.6.0 out in a few days). A lot of bugfixing has happened since. In any case, please take a look to what @yanokwa has asked. You might be able to download the forms to a computer with Briefcase for safeguarding and to verify if there are missing submissions.

@yanokwa @ggalmazor we are using v1.14.2 of collect, the enumerators are quite a number and distributed all over the country so we are not able to get their phones. But something came up today as we were analyzing the data, we found out that some data had dates of 2017, meaning that while performing our queries to see the data that was coming in we were missing records that had wrong dates since we have been querying data for a particular week. We have been able to retrieve close to 400 records of people that have been claiming to be sending and we were not seeing their data. I know this might help another person out there that couldn't be seeing submitted records. So we are no calling these participants and adjusting their dates. Is there any way we can have the collect app make the user set the date right on startup, this could be a feature to release in future

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Hi @solomon! Glad to hear you've resolved your problem! When you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community.

As to your feature request, device datetime is set by the device and there is no way Collect can automatically make sure the date is correct. The best you can do is to make sure your Android device uses network time (although this can sometimes be wrong) and perhaps have a date question in the form that your enumerators use to set time (although enumerators often get dates wrong).

Also, when processing data, I recommend you use SubmissionDate because that is set on the server and the servers generally have correct and consistent time.


I’ve been having the same problem, and it’s hard to be able to get to all collect devices. Kindly share on the steps you went through to retrieve the data missing (what you meant by analyzing the data)
Thank you in advance!

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