Data pull from media files

Dear All,

I face some problems regarding pull data from the media file. In my main form file, I want to pull data from media CSV file. When I try to open my XML form in the mobile phone it appears such message


how could I work with that please let me know.


Hi @Badrun_Nahar

could you attach your csv file and xml form? I guess it contains a special char that causes the problem. Maybe it's even the same already fixed issue so you can also try the newest version of ODK Collect to confirm.


Hi @Grzesiek2010
thanks for your reply.please find the attachment where endlinelisting.csv is my media file from where I want to pull the information in the XML file so that whenever enumerator type the respondent id in their smartphone the other information will automatically show in the mobile screen.

please let me know if there is any query.

magic_endline_FINAL.xml (968.8 KB)
endlinelisting.csv (687.7 KB)

ahh so magic endline is a name, my fault :slight_smile: anyway I wasn't able to reproduce the issue everything loads well and I can start filling the form. Which ODK Collect version do you use?

Really great.I am using odk 1.4 version should download most update apps from play store ?

So I installed v1.14.0 and downloaded your form (from aggregate and uploading manually via usb). I'm still not able to reproduce the issue and the form + csv file is loaded properly.

Could you try to remove your form and and downloading again?

in this case, it shouldn't be necessary but overall I encourage to try new versions since each one always contains a few great new features/improvements and bunch of fixes.


thank for your reply.In latest version it is working .Next time i will try to use new version.