Data Quality check under Covid-19


We are using ODK Collect to collect data, our normal work flow is a social worker collect the data, give the device to a Quality data check supervisor, the QDC supervisor then send the data to aggregate server.

The problem now is with COVID-19 Lock downs the QDC supervisor can't check the data because everything is done remotely (no physical access to the device).

Please We need a solution so the QDC can check the data before sending it to aggregate after the social worker collect the data (verification step before sending data)
Any suggestions is appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi @danny777x
I think you have two options:

  • You can create a zip archive of your Collect directory then share it with your supervisor. Then the supervisor can push that files to his Collect directory and review.
  • ODK skunkworks-crow an Android application which is a companion app to ODK Collect and it helps different enumerators to share the filled and blanks forms with each other, it also helps organization’s supervisor in reviewing the forms before actually submitting to the server.

Hey @Grzesiek2010
I tried ODK sunkworks-crow unfortunately it's not working on New Android OS, and creating a zip file to collect the data will be a bit complicated for the social workers, skunkworks was a good easy solution but it needs to be updated
Any other suggestion?!!
And thank you for your fast reply :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don't think there is any other option. What do you mean by it's not working? Any error/crash?

yes, after opening the application any click will crash and exit the app.

after installing the application, I got a warning that this app was designed to work on older version of Android OS.

I see another option is remote control like
What do you think?

I actually tested this solution it works!! but it's not scalable, my problem is I have around 200 social workers and 50 monitors, is there a way that the monitor can validate the form after it's sent to aggregate, what do you think if we can create a 2nd VM aggregate server where the monitors can access the forms and validate then send to the main server?

If it could work but you would need to use ODK Briefcase to transform forms from one server to another.

BTW I encourage you to read about ODK Central if you still use ODK Aggergate which is no longer being updated.

ODK Central will support editing already uploaded submissions in Block 12: ODK Central block 12 release criteria - Google Docs

This feature sounds like it might be valuable for your data QC operators.

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This Feature sound great!!!
Can I install ODK Central on My server or it's only hosted in a cloud base server ?
is there a virtual machine like aggregate VM to test on?
I can't host the server on a cloud base server because the data is government property they will not accept cloud base hosting

Note submission edit is not out yet, but coming soon.
You can install ODK Central on your own servers (see or request a demo (see ODK webpage). Since data is encrypted at rest and transferred via HTTPS, you may be fine with a cloud based deployment.

@Florian_May Any idea when this will be implemented (support editing already uploaded submissions) ?

@LN as the tech lead might have the best insight into the release dates.
I understand that releases happen once all criteria of the respective release block are implemented, tested and verified. The Google doc is a good progress indicator.

We don't have a precise timeline yet. We aim for about 3 month development cycles and are just starting implementation of the meat of the features after laying some groundwork.

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