Data Storage in APP Engine

Can anyone Please tell me that, how much data can be stored on Google App Engine - ODK Aggregate...because i want to captured approximately 10000 records on Google App Engine - ODK Aggregate.

I'm Using ODK Collect, Google App Engine - ODK Aggregate

I want to deploy a ODK Aggregate on my local machine - Window 10 64bit, can anyone help me on this..


@Grzesiek2010 could you please help me on this???

I think @ggalmazor is a better person to ask about ODK Aggregate.

Then @ggalmazor, Brother could you provide me some help that how much data can be store on Google App Engine using ODk Aggregate.
in addition, i created a new account on google for this project only so i have 300$ for a year for testing app engine.

Thanks in advance.


Hi, @noman.s2325! You should be fine with 10k submissions in AppEngine. Don't forget to link your billing account to your Google cloud project to up quota limits.

Thanks!!! @ggalmazor,
1 more question, 300$ for testing not enough ?

@ggalmazor how much data can be captured without billing account...
your prompt response will be really appreciable...

thanks in advance...


Having a billing account will enable you to receive more information per day as quota limits raise but it won't affect the maximum amount of data you can store.

This commonly translates to failed submissions once quotas are used, which will force users to resend them during the next day. It also means that Aggregate's web interface could become unresponsive too.

@ggalmazor what is per day quota limit?

I'm not sure.

You can check your quotas at, and the documentation about them is available here: