Database upgrade option

Hello Folks,

The database ODK supports is Postgres 9.6
How do I migrate to the latest versions as I want to apply some queries to analyze on the visualizing tools?

Please advise.

We strongly recommend using Postgres v9.6 because that's what we test against. What queries you wish to run that you can't run with v9.6? Alternatively, why not use the REST API?

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We have to integrate the DB of another tracking tool (Version 13) with ODK DB (Version 9.6) which will help us analyze the data on a visualizing tool by applying queries / procedures/ function.

That is the main reason behind this query.
Also, it has to be automated - as it is being given to one of our clients.

You could feed your other PostgreSQL database with data from the ODATA API.
We have this type of architecture in my organization with a main PostgreSQL database that consolidates data from different tools.
We use a set of functions we developed last year to automatically populate this database with data from ODK Central.

ETL tools like kettle can also help you to do that :

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