Date and time input in ODK Collect

I understood ODK Collect previously could default Date and Time to current but this was deprecated after 1.5.1.

As a new user to ODK I can't say I'm missing it, having never had it, but for my purposes picking up the current date and time would save time.

I have just noticed unexpected behaviour that suits our needs but is it intended?

I have a Full Date and Time question set to Required. If I input Date only I can still proceed to the next question. Returning to the Full Date and Time question shows the time field has defaulted to current, which at least explains being permitted to proceed.

Is this correctly implemented? Using Collect v1.13.1

Could you share your form here.


CSV file example attached.

Date_and_Time_results.csv (39 Bytes)
xample attached.

ODK Build uploaded to wetransfer here.

I've just noticed whichever field input is entered into the second field will populate upon swiping.

I asked for your form , not for your output csv file.

I can confirm it works in that way. If you have a DateTime question you can select only one value (date or time) and then another one is set for current. It works well if a question is not required but you are right it's a little bit strange when it comes to required questions.

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I agree that this is a bug! Thanks for reporting, @panthonyl.