Date format 0-padded for hours and minutes not working well

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
In setting up a date calculation (e.g. once((format-date-time(now(),'%y%m%e%H%M') the minutes have an issue with the 0-padded format. We are using this unique code as a reference (10 digits total), but when the forms are submitted before 12PM (e.g. 9AM, 8AM) the 0-padded (understanding that this means at least 2 digits) format does not work, and therefore the unique code ends up with 9 digits.

Specific example:

Using this: %y%m%e%H%S the outcome is 220921901 instead of 2209210901
The problem is also happening with minutes.

2. What have you tried to fix the issue?
We have followed the instructions from the XForms Specification Date and Time Functions with the following indications:

%Y: 4-digit year
%y: 2-digit year
%m 0-padded month
%n numeric month
%b short text month (Jan, Feb, etc)*
%d 0-padded day of month
%e day of month
%a short text day (Sun, Mon, etc).*
%H 0-padded hour (24-hr time) - Doesn't seem to be working well
%h hour (24-hr time)
%M 0-padded minute - Doesn't seem to be working well
%S 0-padded second
%3 0-padded millisecond ticks.*

Can you please post the Collect version and Central version you are using? You can add /version.txt to the end of your Central URL to get the version number.

Central (v1.3.3-2-g24ee74e)
Client (v1.3.2)
Server (v1.3.3)

I cannot replicate the problem.
dt_formatting.xlsx (8.7 KB)

d743511895ff258f633265061d0b6c4cb77c425a (v1.5.1-2-gd743511)
 f306caf0c6ccc4d3faee217905ee75e921937be3 client (v1.5.1)
 12568c504151c919b11c9962dd3ef866cebbd0e7 server (v1.5.1)

I replicated the calculation, but no problem is displaying so far. I will run more tests to see if this reported issue happens again. I tested some other formats as well. Thanks @danbjoseph!