Date questions constrain

Is it possible to enter value or number to a date questions# For example I have a question asking about the date of last movement (with calendar), If the respondent don't know, is there any way we can write don't know or entering a number like 999.

Hi @Luat
If you use the Date question it's not possible to pass values other than dates. What you can do instead is for example add a yes/no Select One question first then if the answer is yes I know the question you can display date, otherwise, you can display another question (text) or default calculation. It would look like: dateSample.xlsx (6.0 KB)

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Thank you @Grzesiek2010

Some other alternatives to note here is that they can also leave the date question blank if they don't know. Or put an agreed upon date (e.g., Jan 1, 1900).

I agree with @yanokwa. @Luat, you can add a constrain to accept any date of 1900 (e.g. constrain = xxx or format-date(.,'%Y') = '1900') and add a hint to prompt the user to enter any date of 1900 in case of unknown date. Leaving blank if they don't know is risky because they might omit to enter some valid dates which will result in missing data.