Default settings geotrace

Dear all,

Is there a way to put default settings for the geotrace option? There are quiet some options before and after you use the tool (manual or automatic collection at the start, when collecting automatic, you have options in time and meters, then you have to know that you have to press the 'add button' and then you can save it either as polygon or polylines). I am a bit afraid that people will have problems using this tool or we get a lot of data differences. Is there a way we can pre-set these options in ODK collect?



Hi @Eddy_Rellum

unfortunately, it's not possible. You can create a new topic in Features and describe your needs. then we can discuss it and maybe implement in the future.

Hi Grzegorz,

Thanks for this feedback. I will create a topic then.

some of these config settings may be a good candidate for geotrace-specific appearance(s) specified in the form definition.

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