'delete_after_send' odk config not read from QR code correctly

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
I have generated a QR code with the following configurations:

    "admin": {
        "delete_after_send": true,
        "hide_old_form_versions": true,
        "automatic_update": false,
        "default_to_finalized": true,
        "mark_as_finalized": true
    "general": {
        "periodic_form_updates_check": "every_fifteen_minutes",
        "server_url": "https://stage-api.ona.io/projects/559",
        "external_app_recording": false,
        "guidance_hint": "yes",
        "username": "frankapiyo",
        "image_size": "original",
        "autosend": "off",
        "automatic_update": false,
        "instance_sync": true,
        "constraint_behavior": "on_swipe",
        "high_resolution": true,
        "form_update_mode": "manual"
    "project": {
        "name": "The black box project"

and scanned it with collect

since "delete_after_send" is set to true, I'd expect that ODK would mark delete after send to true in the Form management settings under Form submission

Instead, it appears as follows:

Here's what my QR code looks like:

What you did is set the admin option to hide the Delete after send setting. Read more about access control settings here.

You can also use the "delete_send" key in the "general" block to turn on automatic deletion after send. The full list of available setting keys is here. Settings in the "admin" block correspond to protected settings in Collect. Everything else is in the "general" block.

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