Hi, all.
Can somebody, please, tell me if there is a way to delete, from Aggregate,
a form submissions, without deleting the form definition.
In advance, thanks.

Hi @Amal_Dahounto

yes it's possible. You need to open Submissions and click on a x icon:

Hi, @Grzesiek2010.
Thanks for your answer; but my question is about deleting 500, 1000 and more submissions without using the x icon.
Thanks, again.

So as I know it's not possible.

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You can do it it's very easy. Just download data in a csv file(Export your data from server) and then import that data in Stata or any analysis tool and then delete all those 500 records with command it will take only 5 minutes.
Do this work on Data it will be easy. @Grzesiek2010 this work falls under data cleaning part or we can say this work belongs to Data Analyst. It's very easy.


Downloading a csv you can resolve this in STATA if your goal is to delete some "bad" observations. However, if you want to remove just certain observations from Aggregate but retain others, you would have to download all your data as csvs, load it into STATA, delete certain observations, export to csvs, push to a tablet, reimport/preload, and then reset the contents of the server from the tablet. Being very careful not to lose any data in the process!

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