Deleting forms> Not enough memory to process the request

As I have read, have other people experienced trouble with deleting forms in ODK. With help from the latter topics I believe I'm quite close to solve the problem. It should be mentioned I have a very limited knowledge on the subject.
As I can read in the former topics, the problem is due to the instance (I'm using Google Cloud Platform and ODK v1.6.0) and that I have to upgrade the instance from B2 to B4. Now my problem is I have no idea where to do this, looking through the help section and guides is poor help to a rookie as myself.

Would be great if anyone can put me in the right directions, thank you.

x Mathias

You'll need to run the Aggregate installer as always, increase the instance size, then try the delete. If you are running Aggregate v1.6.0, might as well upgrade to Aggregate v1.7.2 because it's got some nice security fixes.