Develop a new logo

This will require community feedback and coordination. It would be nice to have a logo redesign for ODK. QGIS (blog post and style guide) and OSGeo (May update & July update) both recently went through this process and the results look great!


Hello, I would like to contribute to this, how should I proceed?

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I'm not aware of anyone leading on this idea right now. There are a lot of possibilities.

One possibility would be to write out a series of events, that includes things like a call for proposals, to define a plan for how you think the community should go about adopting a new logo. Get feedback on the plan, and then start in on it.

Another option would be to reach out the community to find other designers, form a working group of sorts, and then present your work to the community for feedback. And then move forward from there.

Another option would be to design something yourself and then present it to the community for feedback. Your initial work might inspire other people to join the process.

Note that in all of these suggestions, the community plays an important role. You'll need to engage others in the process and gain acceptance for whatever plan of action you decide on. It won't be an easy process. Some people don't like change. The people who do like change might have very different opinions of how things should change. It won't be a quick or easy process; it does need someone to start it! I'm sure many people will be interested if you start working on this.



I would like to contribute as well. provide me with the inputs.


There aren't really any inputs right now. The project is only vaguely defined and needs a team to form, to better define the process, and to figure out how to best work towards the end goal of a new logo.

Thank you and I really appreciate this piece of information.

Hi PFA some of the logos I tried, let me know your comments.





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These are not that much informative as old. if i will see above 3 logos than i am not clear that what is ODK.

Hello all ,

It is a very good idea . But I think just like , as @danbjoseph mentioned about QGIS , let us go for a poll and suggest all to comment some good ideas . In this way we can achieve more satisfying results and we can get more inputs . I am also ready to contribute for this .

Thanks and Regards,

Thanks for putting together some sketches, @Snehaniranjana, these are cool! I especially like the second one.

I agree with @danbjoseph that the first step will be to figure out a process. I think it will be important to do things like:

  • outline the most important uses for a logo (website header, in applications, what kinds of print materials, stickers, etc)
  • agree on some of the characteristics it should have (call back to the current logo, use the same colors, work well in black and white etc)
  • decide who will do initial sketches (anyone in the community, a vendor, etc)
  • figure out how the final decision will be made (a vote, a working group chair decides, etc)

Some of this discussion can happen directly in this thread and/or someone may want to start something like a Google Doc. It's really awesome to see a working group starting to self-organize!

@downey suggested an interesting idea this weekend at the GSoC mentor summit -- we could start making unofficial stickers with a service like sticker mule to use at conferences and other gatherings. This could let us try different themes and see what people reach for. Another mentor who had a cool sticker said they just use creative commons licensed emoji for their logo and stickers!

Design ideas are inherently subjective so in this process we have to be especially careful to respect each other and the suggestions presented. In particular, @Stalker please make sure to keep the feedback constructive, specific and to suggest concrete alternatives if you have them! We're still early on in the process so any sketches or ideas are very valuable starting points.

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Thanks Hélène Martin for your
constructive feedback. I like the second one in these 3 logos. I had
another one which was really good, for some reason couldn't download that.
I will go ahead and try to design some more and get back to you guys for
your inputs.


Hi Helen,
Designing of a logo is very thinking process i try and i am also coming with a logo which will define ODK and working of ODK(please ignor color coding) .
As ODK is a open source so i used logo of Open source , and Old logo of ODK is something that we should not leave with a new logo because i think its a legacy which we should keep with us and third one is briefcase as we are using briefcase and briefcase is like a life whenever a form is missing we used briefcase to push those form on the server.
Below is logo that i designed:

And i think we should keep color coding of ODK that has been using since beginning but we need to make these color smooth. Like in old logo "O" is in brown Blue color, "D" is in Brown color and K is in green color. We need to make these color some smooth has QGIS make in new logo.

Looking forward for your suggestion . I am not a true logo designer but yes i can design a little bit.