DIAL RFP: Up to $25,000 USD available to improve ODK

Sorry to hear the grant didn't go through, @Jeff_Beorse. Agreed that the larger strategic grant doesn't seem like a great fit for the work you laid out, so we'll have to keep looking for other opportunities.

In the meanwhile, I think we should continue facilitating contributors to chip away at the open issues. I've had some luck on this front. For example, the Docs now have Edit on GitHub thanks to a new contributor and I've got a local copy of SlackArchive mostly working.

One big unknown is getting ODK 2 on CircleCI. Would you be interested in trying to organize contributors who know ODK 2 to start working on that migration?

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Ah, glad to hear that a lot of this work is getting done! Yes, I would be interested in trying to organize contributors around the ODK 2 CircleCi migration. I will discuss this with @W_Brunette and other ODK2ers and start working on a plan.

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