Difficulty sending data to theODK Server

Hello everyone,
After downloading the form (Birds Media Form) from the Aggregate server when sending data to the server, this message appears:
Birds Media Form-Error: Generic
Exception: Error: Not found (404) at https: //projectquickbukavu.appspot.com
submission? device ID
= IMEI% 3A352659103346869

Form: Birds.xlsx (48.7 KB)

your help is important to me

Your aggregate server is still running and accessible via the web browser?
What are the server settings in ODK Collect on your phone?

Hello danbjoseph
first of all thank you for your reaction,
I wanted to know when you talk about the odk server settings on my phone, what do you mean exactly? or I give exactly what information about that

You need to set the Server URL (and maybe the username and password as well, if the form is not public/open).

I clearly see the information you need

but I can not understand why I no longer access my server with this username (grace_rubambura) and password (Grace1989 @) that I used before. I find it funny or either the error is from me in the manipulation of the server. Server URL: projetenquetebukavu.appspot.com

I will contact you by the end of next week because I will help a colleague in the creation of the ODK server.

Thank you

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