Display data after repeat on some condition

Dear Team,
I am developing a listing tool in a village and taking data of children of each family.
On some condition i want to display name of child and date of birth at end.
Is this possible guide me


Hi Rakesh, it might be useful to add a little more information but its worth looking into the indexed-repeat() function if you want to reference data collected inside a repeat group later in the form.

Is it possible to display data of those who fulfill the condition at end of repeat

yes its possible to display in a "note". The note can have a relevancy so that it is only displayed when the condition is met and the contents of the note can include the answers to previous questions.

if possible give some example

is it possible to share your xlsform or part of it? i can modify it and share it again with an example included. As a general example if you have a question called date_of_birth and you make a note including the text ${date_of_birth} then this will be displayed on screen.

AES_House Listing Tool.xls (166.5 KB)

It looks like the example you sent already has many notes which contain references to previous questions. Assuming you're the same person who created the rest of the form, I am not really sure at this point what information you are missing or what barrier you are facing. I think without a more detailled description it will not be possible to give further guidance.