Display label question different language into a note

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I would like to know if is it possible to insert a label question into a note.

The fact is : I have a survey which try to evaluate levels on MDC skills.
Interviewees answer different skills such as "Clean data before analysis" and they evaluate themselves by ticking a level on the likert scale.
Regarding to the answer I would like to display some of them skills into a note : " You mention having difficulties for the following activity(ies): ...".
But I did not manage to fix it myself.

By example :
The intervewee answers to have "significantly" difficulties to "1.1 Find external / secondary data relevant to your activities"
So my survey will display:
"You mention having difficulties for the following activity(ies): 1.1 Find external / secondary data relevant to your activities"

I am using EXCEL 2013, KOBO Humanitarian response & ODK Collect v1.22.4.

First, I define other variable by re-write label question :
calculate > dif1 **> calculation : ** if(selected(${dif_1},'niv_1') or selected(${dif_1},'niv_2') or selected(${dif_1},'niv_3'),'1.1. Trouver des données externes / secondaires pertinentes pour vos activités','').
But I can not keep that as I have different language.

Then, I delete text into this command, to keep the number. But it's clearer with text.

After, I deal with several commands to fix it (jr choice, $(answer)). Also try to write my XLSForm in another way.

I join my XLS form to show the issue.

  • From row 24 to 53 it's what I try to display my label question.
  • My problem will be for what it's display with row 54 : "You mention having difficulties for the following activity(ies): ${dif1} ${dif2} ${dif3} ${dif4} ${dif5} ${dif6} ${dif7} ${dif8} ${dif9} ${dif10} ${dif11} ${dif12} ${dif13} ${dif14} ${dif15} . "

I hope it's understandable,
If someone have an idea, will be happy to hear about it !

Thank you,

Qlabel.xlsx (111.0 KB)

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I'm not sure I understand the issue, but perhaps I can say what is possible?

You can show the active language of the label (not the value/name) of the choice by using jr:choice-name and you can see an example here: https://docs.opendatakit.org/form-operators-functions/#jr:choice-name.

You can store these labels in calculates as shown at https://docs.opendatakit.org/form-logic/#calculations. And for any label, you can refer to the calculate you wish to display with ${my-variable} syntax.

If this is what you want to do, I'd recommend you start with a small 2-3 question form to try that out and see how it goes. If you have more questions and you are more comfortable in French, post in French.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

I think I had not be very clear... sorry
The point is : I want to display label QUESTION not a label ANSWER into my note.
I want these labels to appear according to the answer given by the interviewees.

Question is : A
Answers are: 1 / 2 / 3
If interviewee answer 1 or 2 : After the question, I want a note displaying "A"
If interviewee answer 3 : I want nothing

This example seems stupid but you can see the goal on the XLSForm I joined :
A : it's different MDC skills
Answers: it's different levels
The idea is to show to interviewees which skills they rank as difficult.

I can not hardcode this like that : if(selected(${A},'1') or selected(${A},'2'),A,'') because I have different languages.

Hope it's clearer now,
All the best,