Display next question in filter based on response of choice int the first question which is table list


Using table filter, how can I pick only particular question repeat based on the choices.

If it is same choice and question I can use selected(${question1},name) in relevant, How can I make this based on choices.

Question 1 (y/n)
Question 2 (y/n)

If the response of Question1 is yes, relevant question should be asked based on the choice Yes.

Please help me out.


Hi @Giri
We would like to help but I think you description is not clear enough at least to me. Could you elaborate?


I am beginner and learning to work on this.
My scenario is in table list how can I make the option pop up based on the selection.

For ex:
what are the fruits available
(Table list) yes/No
Apple (YES/NO)
Grapes (YES/NO)
Mango (YES/NO)
Kiwi (YES/NO)

which do you like most? (If Apple is selected Yes I want that to be popped in automatically).
fruit.xlsx (11.1 KB)
attached sample


I think it would be easier if your question was like: Please select available fruits (select_multiple question).
Then in next question you could ask. Please select your favorite fruit. Would that be ok or you really need yes/no questions? Am asking because solving your issue in the way I described is easier and I even have a sample form you can use:
choiceFilter.xlsx (7.2 KB)

Hi, Thanks for your suggestion. I tried this. But YES/NO will help better as a data set to understand. Is that possible?? Please help. Thanks in advance

Then it will be more complex... something like this maybe:
fruits.xlsx (9.2 KB)

Thank you so much.. This helped.
Is there any other ways without using calculate? or if conditions??

No. The first solution I provided is without calculations so you can choose.