Display previously-entered repeat data in current repeat notes

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I am designing a form for an activity that requires us to take parameter readings at regular intervals. We decide whether or not to continue taking readings based on the last 3 readings. I am setting it up now as a repeat group for the readings, but I would like for the surveyors to be able to see the previous readings as they are entering the data so that they can decide when to stop. My thought was to create calculate fields that pull in the last three readings (e.g. - ${parm_calc1}, ${parm_calc2}, ${parm_calc3} in the repeat group), and then reference the calculated field in the notes for the ${parm} decimal field. However, I don't know how to pull the readings into the calculate field and make sure that they are the last 3 in order. Does anybody know how to do this, or have a better method for displaying previous data at data entry?



Please have a look at Repeat with no duplicates and with values' hierarchy. I did it for the previous cycle but you can adapt it.


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Thanks Souirji. I think that's going to work.