Display summary and select answers at the end of form

We are conducting household level surveys regarding sanitation and hygiene. I would like answers to certain questions in our form to accumulate at the end of the form so that we can easily identify the issues for each household for our teams to follow up on. Is this possible to design this within the ODK form or is it something I will have to do in excel once I've exported our results?

hi @Ned_Morgan

you can display some of the relevant answers from the respondent using note at the end of each survey, this will display the highlighted answers you want on the android phone before the enumerators send it to you, you can use the calculate to flag answers you want them to do follow up on, so that they can take note of those households. you can also consider pushing the data to a server for those who will do the follow up to be able to download it and continue with the follow up, but this option requires standard server or you can use one of the plans on surveycto, it can allow you to pull and push data automatically to update the follow up teams.