Display The Choices Of A Massive Select Multiple

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
Alright, so I got a multi-group excel document that within one of the groups has a repeating calculation correlation to a previous select multiple. As the user selects options additional text boxes appear. Most notably a "How Many" decimal box that multiplies the previously selected option by the amount needed.

Now here's where the problem comes in. When the user is inputting how many of a selection they want I want it to display the object the question is referring to. Unfortunately, due to how the repeat and the select multiple works if I just put the ${select-multiple} in the hint column of the "how many" then it only displays the name of the object that is assigned in the choices tab not the selection's label, which is its actual name.

I know that the simplest way to get a label to display is with the jr:choice-name() line of code. But each the problem with that is this form and select multiple has hundreds of options and typing that many calculation jr rows seems to cause the form to begin to break. So is their another way to simply display the label of the selection so the user knows what they are multiplying?

Thank you for any help you could give on this problem. Any assistance would be very appreciated.

I'll add a copy of the form and a screenshot of the area I need help with:

Invoice_Fusion_Document.xlsx (77.3 KB)