Display the results of multiple repeats as a note in a form Group

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.

Not sure if this is possible or not.

Can you recall the answers to a series of repeats is a form to display a list.

I have a repeat of a group which consists of two select_one questions one pulls species names form an external csv species file the other describes the distribution of the previous species using the DAFOR scale ( select D A F O or R). This, thus forms a two column output list of species and and DAFOR score for a compartment of vegetation or habitat once submitted to google sheets.

However when collecting species lists for large complex compartments you can often forget if you have recorded a species so having a note field of all the previous species within that compartment would be helpfull

I have some basic experience with setting up forms but i do not even know if this is possible or how i would go about it.

I know you can reference a single answering to a question but can you create a componded list of all answers?

Any help or direction would be appreciated

Thank you in advance

Hi @Wildscapes, Yes it is possible.
The join() function will help you to do such a thing :

We do it in a form about species to show the synthesis of observed species. Maybe you will find others example for that on the forum.
I will share tomorrow our 2022 version of the form as we add this feature a few days ago.
What we are looking for now is to order that list in alphabetical order :

Thank you @mathieubossaert

I will have a look. Greatly appreciated you have undoubtedly save me hours have head tapping

Kind Regards

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