Display values from multiple dataset columns as select labels

Hi everyone, tried to look through the forum and some videos but can't seem to find my issue. using XLS:

I want users to be able to select one from a table that has multiple columns. The only solutions I've seen so far are for single column like a regular list. Has anyone had the same issue ? if so would really appreciate your input. An example of the table:

Your request is a little unclear. I am not sure what you mean by select_one from a table with multiple columns as all select_one questions effectively refer to a table with multiple columns even if it is just "name" and "label". Do you mean that you would like to filter the list according to multiple columns or maybe you want to retrieve a result from one column based on a selection from another?

Hi Noel,

Thank you for answering.
The table has name, label, common_name, active_ingredient, and so forth
Each line is unique do to the combination of its characteristics.
I was wondering if it was possible to have the enumerators view the table and select one from the table that includes the name, label, common_name, active_ingredient and so forth

Currently you must explicitly write the label you want to appear in the label column. One thing you can do is use a spreadsheet formula to build up the label you want so something like CONCATENATE(B3, " ", B6, " (", B7, ") ") or whatever you need.

You can also consider doing things like having the user select a supplier and a country and filtering the list of items displayed accordingly. You can use choice filters with multiple conditions separated by and.

Alright, sounds like its the only solution atm.
Thank you @LN !

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