Display values in an array style without a repeat

Sorry but I'm new in this fantastic tool. I have the following problem on a web form (enketo). I need to make a questionnaire taking data from choices sheet based on a first selection_one (country) I should display a table where the rows are made up of the labels of a group defined in choices but not selected by the user. Example. the user must select a country (countries group). Based on the country chosen, I must build a table that has all the labels of the programme_area1 group as text, but only for the label that are in the choices group "programme_areas". Currently the only solution I found is to use a select_multiple and display the data in a repeat . that means that user needs always to press the "+" button to view the next element. Can you help me? I would also like to know if a group with the same "name" values can be referenced. in other words, while in an external csv file for ODK it is possible to use the search with multiple keys (up to three levels unfortunately!) in a web form I don't know how to have the same result. I attach the form. Thanks a lot for the collaboration.testweb.xlsx (66.7 KB)

add field-list or table-list at the appearance column of your repeat group

I do not want to use a repeat group (as specified in the title) and plus I would like not to use the select_multiple..I understand that the example could not be clear. please let me know. Any other help?