Displaying a corresponding answer of question in corresponding repeat position of repeat group

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Hi ODK fellow friends,
Please help me getting an example xlsform code for just displaying a corresponding answer of question in corresponding repeat position of repeat group. For example, repeating questions are Name and Age, how can Name's Age be displayed in a note? I want list of corresponding names and ages before the enumerator would move on next for other details of HH members. Is there anybody lead on this, would greatly appreciate for prompt help!
Sincere, Raj

Hello Raj Pravat.

If I understand your question properly. You wanna display Name's age is the Note.

If so, Please get attached of the Excel file, which display the name of the age before going to the other household members.

HH_Repeat_note.xlsx (8.7 KB)

Hope this works for you. Do inform if this works.

Dinesh Dongol

Hi Dnes-Dangol,
However, I want the result not inside repeat, outside repeat as a summary of repeated answers. Like note as below:

  1. Name: John, Age: 25
  2. Name: Raj, Age: 51

Regards, Raj

Hello Raj Pravat,

I got your question now. I had made it as a summary of repeated answers for just 5 family members for example. For your requirement, you can create as your required number of family are.

Please get attached of the Excel file.

HH_note_repeat_outside.xlsx (22.9 KB)

I checked the file it worked for me as per your example in note. Hope it works for you as well. Do let me know if its works for you.

Dinesh Dongol

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Hi Dnes_Dangol,

Many Thanks for the sheets, it does partly to my query. Would this possible for n number of repeat?
Would appreciate this!

Kind regards, Raj Pravat

The excel file which i had attached previously wont have possible for N number of repeats.

I am not quite sure about it if I can create it for N number of repeats. You can ask other forum members as well on this.

Dinesh Dongol