Displaying data from the form in the list of saved forms

What is the problem? Please be detailed.

I am completing a survey in one location with one family member and then following up with their other family members at their household. Currently, we have this scripted as a single tool, with modules for the different family members.

From the first interview (at school) to the second interview (at home), a day or two may pass. Our enumerators may conduct many surveys at the school before going to the homes, so there will dozens of saved forms for them to look through to find the correct one that links the child to their home. We can incorporate checks into the script itself, to make sure they are interviewing the right girl, but just opening every form to find the right one will be time-consuming.

Is there any way for the "Edit Saved Form" screen, which lists saved forms that can still be opened and completed, to display information about the form? The default is to display when the form was saved, I believe. If it could display a response from the survey (child name), that would be perfect. Or, if enumerators could enter some information manually that would change the display on the Edit Saved Forms page, that would also work.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?

ODK Collect v1.20.0 on Android (mostly Oreo).

Hi @Brenton_Peterson

I've been working on implementing follow up question in my own forms. I found looking into the forms and code from the example application "HOPE" (https://docs.opendatakit.org/odk2/hope-study-intro/) very useful and inspirational.

The application was done in collect, but I'm using the ODK2 tools and the 'translated' version of the application.
It might still be applicable to ODK Collect?

Hi @Brenton_Peterson

what about creating an instance name automatically depending on given answers? Here is a sample form https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Bapi05GYITV6D0THvs9RaOSEjqb1-FWIhfjSTXtvl8I/edit#gid=743660157