Dobility hiring for SurveyCTO support

Dear ODKers,

SurveyCTO use is growing all around the world and we're looking for two
energetic and entrepreneurial individuals to join the team as Customer,
Technical, and Training Support Specialists:

These are critical roles because, as we expand, it's absolutely essential
that we maintain a high level of service; we can't start giving the kind of
abysmal support that nearly every other technology provider somehow thinks
is acceptable. (Mitch, Yaw, and others in this forum are sadly the
exception, not the rule!) And so our team here needs to maintain a deep
level of experience, expertise, and empathy. It needs to become stronger,
not weaker, as we expand.

To learn more, please see our blog post -- and
please, if you know of anybody with SurveyCTO, ODK, or related experience
who has a natural empathy for others and ability to communicate well, let
them know that we're looking!

Thanks so much,


··· --- Christopher Robert Founder Dobility, Inc. (SurveyCTO)