Doubt about how to get a different output format

ODK Collect v1.27.2 and data collected is send to a google sheets in google drive.

Hello ODK users,

I want to ask how to get a desired output. I am currently using xlsform to build the form. I have a select_one question like the following:


and in the choices part I have:


Let´s assume we have 3 inputs from 3 different forms:

  1. fish_barjack
  2. fish_barjack
  3. fish_blue_cromis

What I get as an ouput in google drive is a table that looks like this:

And what I would like is to have a column for each possible answer in which a 1 is added depending on the answer like this:


How could be a simple way to do this? I can modify the output file with R, however, I want to know how to get the data in the desired output using only ODK.

Thank you for your help,

Hi @Inti_Luna
ODK Collect sends data to Google sheets creating a single column for every question and there is no option to change this behavior. You need to parse such a sheet on your own writing a script for that or something.

Thank you for the information Grzesiek2010. Once I have in R I can share it. Thank you again!