Downloading all forms

**What is the problem? Please be detailed.**When I perform a download, ODK provides a download per form, Is it possible to generate a download whereby all forms are included in ONE.

Create ONE download including all forms

With ODK Aggregate, there is no single (OpenRosa) API by which to download all form definitions. Instead, you must GET the formList containing the URL to fetch each form (which is based on the formID), and then retrieve the XML definition of each form with a separate GET request to the associated URL.

With ODK Central, you can likewise GET a list of all forms in a project, giving the forms' metadata (id, version, state, etc). If in addition you specify a X-Extended-Metadata:true header in the REST call Central will return the XML definition of each form (in the returned "xml" JSON property).

So short answer: Aggregate=NO, Central=YES.

[note, I'm referring to actual ODK server functionality here. The ODK Collect client uses OpenRosa, even against Central, so it can't download all forms in a single server request]