Duplicate header name in csv for select_one_from_file

I am trying to use the select_one_from_file.
all goes well and i deploy the form in Kobo and add the csv file as media image, when i download the form in odk and try to open i get the error below.
I havent been able to figure out where the problem is.

CT to share.xlsx (11.4 KB)
burrows to share.csv (122 Bytes)

Your CSV files does not need a list_name column. The file you shared has value and label columns. These should be name and label. The error message looks like you have a large number of 'empty' columns to the right. You can try and delete all the columns to the right of your list and see if that clears up the issue. You might also open the file in a text editor to see the problem and try and correct it.

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Hi @Beryl_Makori1. The error message was a bit confusing though it tells a bit of the reason you were having the error. Your error was caused by the column headings for the XLS Form choices and the column headings in the csv file.

The heading for the second column in the choices worksheet should be name NOT value. The same for the heading of the second column in the csv file should be name NOT value.

See attached updated files which I have tested to be working.
burrows.csv (121 Bytes)
CT.xlsx (11.3 KB)


Thank you @hnjamba and @danbjoseph. Both your solutions was helpful. I got it working great now.