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Hi members could i get assisted how I can dynamically filter response in such a way that in a subsequent question, i get response that were not chosen from the previous question.
A.Which car brands do you know of?
2. mazda

B. which cars do you like
(Assume one choses three out of possible 7 car brands available )

C. Which car brands don't you like
(I want options available for choosing in this question to be filtered in such a way that they are not among the 3 chosen from B above)

I hope I am clear enough and I can get support.

Great question @rigs!

The answer lies in the choice_filter column.

In your example, for question B, put the following in the choice_filter column:
selected(${know_carbrand}, name)

For question C, put the following in the choice_filter column:
not(selected(${like_carbrand}, name)) and selected(${know_carbrand}, name)

To be more clear, I've attached the example here:
example_dynamicfilter_cars.xlsx (16.9 KB)


PS. Let me know if that's what you were looking for, or if there was something else you were trying to do and I misunderstood!

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HI Janna, does the same rule all for a select one which is in a repeat

Thanks soooo much janna,

This is now working perfectly well for me.

Kind Regards;Reagan.+254 723-899 878/+254 739-278 843

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Hallo Janna,

You recently helped me with filtering on ODK and I am wondering if you
could assist me hack this.

I am working in xlsform and I want to display some of the options selected
in a select multiple question in another part of the survey, but when I use
jr:choice-name(${sponsor2}, '${sponsor2}') where sponsor2 refers to a
select_multiple question and then use a note to return ${calculate_1} where
calculate_1 is the jr: code line, it doesn't work and I get the below error.

FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: jr:choice-name(selected-at(
/model/instance[1]/tetiary_students_questionnaire/tuitionfee/sponsor2 , 0),
' /tetiary_students_questionnaire/tuitionfee/sponsor2 '), message: Function
"{http://openrosa.org/javarosa}choice-name" does not exist
See my attachment. I actually want the second last question to read: which
year did (pipe the selected sponsors here) beging funding your education?

Kind Regards;Reagan.+254 723-899 878/+254 739-278 843

two_2.xlsx (35 KB)

Hi @rigs,

Can I just clarify:
If they select "Charity organizations" for ${sponsor1}, do you want the second-last question to read:
"Which year did Charity organizations begin sponsoring your education?"


Hi Janna,

Exactly, that is what I want. And also remember it is a multi select so
they are at liberty to select more than one option.

Kind Regards;Reagan.+254 723-899 878/+254 739-278 843

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