Dynamic form linking and pulldata and search functions

Hi all,

Essentially I want to do what Ona does here with "registering" a student and then following up with their "performance" without having to re-enter all their demographic data. Despite the link, and despite googling, I am having trouble here.

I am experienced with XLSForm syntax and ODK using Ona.io as the server, but I'm new to pulldata and I think I must be missing something simple. I think it may simply be easier to see an example if someone can figure it out. Attached is the form that I'd like to pull data from, as well as the form I'd like to pull data to. For now it's simply name and age.

The search('form') would be fine except that when I download the data, data associated with this person's name, for example, isn't also downloaded (that was filled out in the first form, the pull data from form). Though I guess I can link the "registration" and "performance" later...? Perhaps all I need is the search(form) function...?

Let me know if this makes sense.

Hi, Amanda.
This: https://opendatakit.org/help/form-design/data-preloading/ , should help you.