Edit issue when ${child_name} is included

What is the problem?
I have a small edit issue in my questionnaire for several questions where the name of the child is included.
${child_name} is ${MONTHS} months old --> "Janais 13 months"

${child_name} doesn't have conditions indicating acute malnutrition
--> "Leondoesn’t have conditions indicating acute malnutrition"

What app or server are you using and on what device and operating system?
Using ODK 1.30.1 on Android 11 (server KoboToolbox)

Any idea on why the space is not taking into account? Is it possible that this edit issue be related to the fact that those messages are a "note" (type)?

SMART_Survey_ANTHRO_659_EN_FR_05.xlsx (36.8 KB)

Many thanks in advance for your support

I am unable to reproduce on Collect v1.30.1 from ODK Central. My guess is that the issue is related to something custom that Kobo does around form conversion and so you'll need to go to them for support. There is a known issue related to spaces between two question references (e.g. ${firstname} ${lastname}) but this is not it.

As an aside, you may be noticing that your placeholders for names aren't showing up as ________. That's because underscores are the markdown symbol for italics. You can escape them with \: \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_.

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