Electronic bill system

I have electronic bill system I want to limit Submitted answer for example

the total of BILL AMOUNT of customer is =10000 today he pay 9000 i Submitted this answer today
the day after the customer pay should pay only =1000 how to limit this asSubmitted this answer the day after so he paid all of his BILL AMOUNT the problem is that i want to fix it here
if i want to add third pay for his bill should not be allowed to add could help me in this
not to get more answer for the bill when he paid all of his bill

Hi @emperoer

It's not possible to do that with Aggregate or Central. You would need to have a server that provide such complicated constraints.

Thank you dear for your reply
could please mention if you know free server which provide this service in order to fix my problem

I don't know such a server and frankly, I don't think it exists.
Maybe you could try sending forms to Google Sheets and filter them...

If you are really keen on using ODK Collect for a task like that, maybe you could pre-load the data everyday? With this approach I am assuming:

  1. The client won't come twice a day
  2. Your workflow allows for this task to be done daily

I wouldn't recommend it because that constant manual update would be prone to error.

I tried all of these it's not workable