Elegir respuesta no seleccionada

Buenas tardes
Actualmente estoy trabajando en formulario donde en una lista de respuestas tengo los 12 meses. Lo que quisiera lograr es, por ejemplo: seleccionar abril, pero que me traiga como respuesta eneron febrero y marzo.

Agradezco la ayuda

Good Afternoon
Currently, I am working on a form where I have the 12 months in a list of answers. What I would like to achieve is, for example: select April, but pull as an answer January, February, and March.
Thanks for the help

I'm not sure what is possilbe to meet your needs. Can you provide more detail about the purpose of your form? Do you need to use the earlier months in a calculation or relevant? Can you pull the other months during analysis after the data is submitted (not inside the form itself)?