Enketo question jump not working during Edit

I am editing my form entry from ODK Central. Form opened in Enketo. I want to jump using question list but when I am selecting question, it is not jumping on the question. Please help.

Can you attach any screenshots?

Are you running Central 2023.3.0 by any chance? That did have a bug in the table of contents feature for the pages theme in web forms. It should be fixed in 2023.3.1.

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I am using v2023.3.0. I am attaching a screenshot here as well. Please help.

version details
bdd0a2ee6301ea85316fa206c8c8861d83f52e7e (v2023.3.0-1-gbdd0a2e)
676b63a62652cec57b06b622a0ef36a58fa6d6e4 client (v2023.3.0)
ff5ad180a8cafca2315fdf1837d509785b744621 server (v2023.3.0)

EDIT: My apologies, I got my point releases mixed up. It's .1 which fixed the issue, there is no .2.

This should be fixed in 2023.3.1. You will need to talk to the person who manages the server and ask them to upgrade it.

I edited my message above but want to make sure you saw that I made a mistake: there is no 2023.3.2! 2023.3.1 is the version that should have fixed this issue so you will need to upgrade the server.

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