Error: 'Allow_choice_duplicates'


I am also still having an issue with this in both the online and the offline forms. What was the fix that was made or needs to be made?

Please make sure to read this post for context. You have two options:

  • If you intend for each choice to be treated differently in analysis, look for duplicate names in your lists and replace them with unique names
  • If you intend to have choices that are treated the same in analysis, add the allow_choice_duplicates column with value yes below it on the settings sheet (see

I currently have the same issue converting to xlsform using the online tool. The site it says it's on v.1.6.1. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Sorry I hadn't seen the posts above recommending adding the 'allow_choice_duplicates' column in settings. After doing this, it has worked thanks.

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This works well; image


I also encountered this issue today, converting a form which I had successfully converted 4 days ago (using the same online converter). It works with the "allow_choice_duplicates" in the online v1.6.1 - however, is this a temporary issue, or should I include this setting for all forms going forward?


@Carina_T_King You'll need to include this setting for a forms where you want to have choice duplicates. We've updated our docs at and update XLSForm Online with improved error messages.